Press Release

We wish to inform that due to lack of sponsors, we have decided to cancel the 2017 version of  Polish-Africa Economic Forum- POLAFRO in Abuja and Warsaw. On behalf of the Staff and facilitators of POLAFRO, I want to perosnally thank all our partners, sponsors and friends of the forum for your support so far. I am really very grateful for all we have been able to achieve in Polish-Africa relations over these last couple of years. As you can see, without you we simply cannot do it alone. Once again – Thank you.


Yours sincerely,

John Abraham Godson

Convener of POLAFRO Economic Forum

Founder and President of the African Institute


Change of #PolAfro2017’s date in Nigera and announcement of #PolAfro2017 in Poland


The organizers of #PolAfro2017 – one of the most impactful events in Polish-African relationships of this year – would love to inform all the concerned parties about the change of event’s date, which will now take place on May 10th 2017, Wednesday, in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja. At the same time the organizers are thrilled to announce that the Polish edition of the event is scheduled to take place in Warsaw on June 29th 2017, Thursday.


The decision was made after numerous conversations with potential Partners, Sponsors and Participants of #PolAfro2017 and is a direct response to their wishes. The change of the event’s date aims to increase the impact of the event on development and maintenance of Polish-African relationships – therefore, directly supporting the mission of the event. By moving the date of #PolAfro2017 to May 10th the organizers allows the participants of the event to increase the value generated by the encounters in Nigeria and therefore, building further on those during the Polish edition of the event, which is scheduled for June 29th.


At the same time the organizers of #PolAfro2017 would like to excuse for any inconvenience caused by the announcement.


Finally, using this opportunity the organizers of #PolAfro0217 would like to encourage all parties interested in co-creation, or participation in the event to contact the organizers.



Ladies and Gentleman,

Dear Friends of The African Institute,

Dear Friends of Poland-Africa Co-Operation,


I am thrilled to invite you participate in the III Polish-African Economic Forum – PolAfro – which is scheduled for February 23rd and 24th 2017. The event organized in close co-operation with The Nigerian Embassy in Poland and the Nigerian Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA) is the third Polish-African Economic Forum organized in Nigeria and the seventh PolAfro when counting both Polish and Nigerian editions of the event.


Witnessing the unprecedented developments in the Polish-Nigerian co-operation, as well as looking at the statistics, which report increase in trade between the two countries of over 40% in the last two years I invite you from the bottom of my heart to participate in the Forum, as well as actively contribute in its co-creation.


Why are we meeting in Nigeria?


  • The second largest economy in Africa just after South Africa.
  • The most populous country of Africa with population of 186 million and according to the UN predictions by the end of the XXIth century the third most populous country of the world.
  • Window for vast West African market – ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) – with approximately 400 million potential customers, who are getting richer every single day.
  • Country with one of the highest economic growth rate in Africa.
  • Market, where “everything sells”.


What do we want to achieve by organizing Polish-African Economic Forum:


  • Promote economic co-operation between Poland and Nigeria, as well as with wider Africa.
  • Create environment, which fosters opportunities for honest and in-depth conversations about the challenges hindering economic co-operation between two nations and how to overcome those.
  • Provide space for business-to-business exchange.
  • Create opportunities to meet, understand and start long-term relationships with potential foreign business partners.
  • Increase economic exchange between Poland and Nigeria, as well as wider Africa.


We have no doubt that only with you we are able to achieve the above objectives. Polish-African Economic Forum is your unique chance for expanding your understanding and awareness of the business opportunities in Africa, as well as meeting potential business partners and the representatives of governmental agencies, diplomats and decision makers – all that offers you a tangible platform for accelerating your success at the most exciting continent of the world!


 PolAfro is composed of two days full of benefits. The main part of the event will take part on February 23rd 2017. After listening to the speeches of the present diplomats and decision makers participating in the Forum, the discussion will focus on the following topics:


Panel 1: Economic climate for investing in Africa.

Panel 2: Infrastructure and construction.

Panel 3: Financing of investments in Africa.

Panel 4: Agriculture and processing of agricultural goods.

Panel 5: Energy sector and mining.

Panel 6: Role of supra-national organizations (EU, UN, ECOWAS, ADB, AU) in assessment of investment opportunities on the continent.


In the evening of February the 23rd participants of PolAfro will take part in the Polish Day in Nigeria and during the event the ceremony of the Friend of Poland Awards will take place. The Award will be awarded in four categories: Politics, Business, NGO and Personality.  On February the 24th business-to-business meetings will take place. Polish-African Economic Forum is not only characterized by rich content, but also by fabulous participants, among whom are the Representatives of Government from both Polish and African side, including national and regional levels, businesspeople and wide range of other stakeholders: media, NGOs, representatives of higher educational institutions, as well as African alumni, who graduated from Polish universities.


In conclusion – from the bottom of my heart I invite all of you and each one of you to participate and actively contribute in creation and running of the III Polish-African Economic Forum, which is scheduled for February 23rd and 24th 2017 and is hosted by Nicon Luxury Abuja. With great joy I am ready to answer any of your questions regarding the Forum. I invite you cordially to actively contribute to the co-creation of our Forum and I am already looking forward to meeting each of you during the Polish-African Economic Forum!


Yours faithfully,

John Abraham Godson

President of the African Institute


Summary from the last POLAFRO edition in Warsaw

The fourth edition of The Polish-African Day, organized by The African Institute, took place on May 31st 2016 in Warsaw. As before, the day was divided into two parts : The Polish-African Economic Forum POLAFRO and The Friend of Africa Awards ceremony. 

The POLAFRO Forum constituted an opportunity to exchange opinions and experiences, discuss strategies and potential avenues for bilateral development. 

The opening part of the meeting included speeches by the President of the African Institute, Mr John Abraham Godson, the Undersecretary of State of the Republic of Poland, Ms Joanna Wroniecka, His Royal Highness Emir of Keffi and Mr Mariusz Krzysko, representing our Strategic Sponsor, the OrCal company. 

Presentations given during the Forum allowed the participants to get acquainted with companies who are successfully developing business cooperation with African partners. This opened excellent opportunities for establishing closer business contacts, learning about possible investment projects and directions of growth. 

The presentations and panel discussions included the following topics:
1. Investment climate in Poland and Africa
2. Financing investments in Africa
3. Agriculture and food processing
4. Security issues
5. Innovation
We hope the Forum will open new avenues for economic development between the two continents.

The second part of the event included the Friend of Africa Award ceremony. Statuettes were awarded to prizewinners in four categories: business, politics, social activist and personality.

This year's awards went to:
1. Mr Karol Zarajczyk, President of the Board at Ursus SA, in the category of Business
2. Ambassador Joanna Wroniecka, the Undersecretary of State, in the category of Politics 
3. Ms Monika Quarcoo in the category of Social Activist
4. Mr Wojciech Kuspik from the PTWT Group in the category of Personality

The strategic partners of this year's event were: GO AFRICA, Invest in Poland - Polish Agency of Information and Foreign Investment SA, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture Ibadan - Research to Nourish Africa, Information Point - International Public Procurement. The media partners were and Forbes Africa. 

The meeting was attended by many Members of Parliament from African countries as well as Polish MPs and Senators. We would like to extend heartfelt thanks to all participants and congratulate the winners of this year's Friend of Africa Awards.

We are looking forward to seeing you again next year.